Ever watch that classic Chocolate Factory inspired movie and wish you found the Golden Ticket?  Well here is your chance to experience the best room in the factory.  I mean who wouldn't want to hang out with those little orange guys (how chocolate wasted do you think these guys get daily?!?), drink fizzy lifting soda, or fall into a big river of Chocolate.  Speaking of that river, the chocolate pumps straight into the best room...the Fudge Room.  We like to call it brownie nirvana because its where our Fudge Brownie protein gets packed with flavor that will make you crazier than Johnny Depp in the remake.  

In true Purbolics spirit, we took what we loved and turned it into a tasty dessert-like Whey Protein powder that only has 130 calories per scoop.  We pack 24g of protein in each scoop but we make sure its deliciously irresistible to all 28 servings per tub!

Whey Contains:

  • 24g of Protein per scoop
  • Protein consists of Whey Concentrate and Whey Isolate
  • Dessert-like Flavors at only 130 Calories per scoop
  • Papain and Protease to help Digestion 
  • Added Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)
  • 28 Servings 

Use Anytime For:

  • Helps Kick Start Your Recovery 
  • Consume post-workout to maximize muscle growth and improve strength
  • Provides a Convenient Source of Tasty Protein Anytime During the Day
  • Mixes great in Oatmeal and Pancake Batter 
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